KIKO Haul – eyeshadows and makeup fixer


KIKO Haul eyeshadows and makeup fixer


Infinity eyeshadow 224

Nice shimmery baby pink shade.

I would use for highlight underneath eyebrows or cheekbones


Infinity eyeshadow 227

I bought this for blush mostly not for eyeshadow.

It is very pigmented and great pink colour with little bit of sheen texture for everyday use.


Infinity eyeshadow package

Yes, the package for Infinity eyeshadows is not very comfortable to use unfortunately..


Colour sphere 27

Such a pretty colour that I like in general.

But like any other dark shadows, you have to build up the colour slowly.

Glitter in the shadow is beautiful and suitable for daily smoky eyes.


Colour sphere package

Colour sphere package is much better than Infinity eyeshadow package as you can see.


Infinity 224, 227, Colour sphere 27

My camera can’t catch the glitter properly 😦


So many colours are available and pigmented as well.

They’re not long lasting for sure.

After I applied few hours later, they all didn’t last long without the makeup fixer. (Colour sphere lasts slightly longer)

However, Infinity eyeshadows are only £2.80 each and Colour sphere is £5.90 at the shop in Oxford circus.

I think if you want to have particular colour that drugstores don’t have then it would be great

as they do have various colours you can choose.

Makeup fixer would be definitely necessary for the eyeshadows though.

Makeup fixer is £7.90 at the shop.


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