All about Concealer

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All about Concealer!

My obsession towards concealers has started since I had severe acne problem. Even now, I still struggle to cover up my acne scars sometimes.

The concealers that I have are usually for heavy coverage only because of I was so focused on hiding my blemishes. However, I am trying to discover more of natural concealers nowadays 🙂

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REVLON Photoready concealer in Light Medium 003


Very easy to apply and touch up during the day.

I do like this one as it is really quite good for everyday makeup. Doesn’t look so cakey.

Only 3 shades are available unfortunately. this is the darkest colour.


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L.A. Girl PRO.conceal in Pure Beige GD976, Medium Beige GC978

£2-5 ? depends where you are get it from

I was so excited to try these concealers as so many beauty Youtubers are using these products. They have good coverage and overall everything is good. Personally, I should buy lighter ones as it doesn’t really match my skin tone. (concealers are little bit darker than I expected)

What I like about this is so many other skin tones are available.


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CANMAKE Color Stick in 07 Apricot, 09 Skin Beige

about £7.50

These two concealers are great for colour correcting. I use 07 Apricot to use as a base under my dark circles and around my mouth area. And 09 to cover up any blemishes. These two are my all time best everyday makeup products for long time. But in UK, I can only buy them through online. Well, still worth it!

This products have 6 shades. However, it is only suitable for fair to Beige skin tones.


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BOBBI BROWN Face Touch Up Stick in 3.5 Warm Beige


While I couldn’t get hold of the CANMAKE concealer, alternatively I use this stick concealer. It says face touch up stick. To me, it is really good to use it as a concealer. Small and easy to carry in your bag. But with £21 I rather buy something else lol

Lots of other shades are available.


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THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in 02 Rich Beige

about £2-3 in South Korea

I bought this when I went back to South Korea last summer. It is very affordable and has high coverage. But I can’t find any links that I can purchase in UK.

This shade is the darkest. It is even so light to me. Good for fair skin.


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MALU WILZ Camouflage Cream in 12

£23 found different colours on

Way too grey for me, as it’s camouflage cream, it tends to look quite cakey. I wouldn’t recommend much.

4 shades are available. Definitely not for dark skin tones though.


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MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover concealer in 6 Ivory

£21 on Debenhams website

Thick concealer. To me, it was too dry that makes me look wrinkly. However, if you apply very thin layer after moisturise your skin, it would be so good to cover up blemishes. And it’s waterproof. Good for rainy day and swimming.

5 shades light to dark skin tones. However, the gap between one and another shades can be big.


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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20, NC30, NC35


Enough coverage and good for every day use. One of my all-time-favourite 🙂 However, after my skin became quite sensitive, it tends to break out small blemishes. So please be aware of that.

So many colours are available. Yes, this is why I love MAC 🙂



I was once so stressed because of my skin problem. But I hope people who have same problem as mine get some tips from me and be confident. After all, we do live in this materialised selfish world.

Don’t put too much makeup please. I realised, makeup is not to hide behind. Makeup is to enhance your beauty as you’re already beautiful inside and outside. If you need any help, please email me. Thank you 🙂


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