Cute Compact Tinted Lip Balms review


Hello readers 🙂

This post is all about tinted lip balms I’ve tried. You can bring it anywhere with you for moisturised lips with little bit of tint.

  1. First those two products are actually the same products in different packagings. I’ve always been a big fan of Vaseline Rosy Lips. But I couldn’t resist myself to buy another cute smaller Vaseline in South Korea. – VASELINE, Rosy Lips
  2. Next one is not for rosy pink lips. Its colour is a bit pale and nude with shimmery glitters. And compared to other lip balms, this one is quite opaque. So I recommend this product for people who love cool toned light pink nude lips. And also different shades are available. – LUSH, Sunkissed  img_0139
  3. I recently got this from my mum 🙂 I love the cute packaging. And it has neon pink tint to it. It feels very light and it actually sticks on my lips (not sticky though). – PERIPERA, Kitten Balm
  4. For the last, another Vaseline. 😀 This one is unfortunately one of limited editions. The colour is just perfectly natural for daily use. Not too pink or red. I wish I can buy more it. 😦 – VASELINE, Paint the Town_Red Lip Tint


As those products are not opaque enough to show you the difference on my lips. I swatched them on white paper. Hope this helps you more. (from left 1, 2, 3, and 4)

To sum up, my favourite of all is PERIPERA, Kitten Balm for the texture, and VASELINE, Paint the Town for the colour.

I’m going to try BURT’S BEE’s tinted lip balms as well. And I will update you with another post. Take care 🙂




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