Holiday in Rhodes, Greece (reviews and advices)

Hello, readers 🙂

This is my travel diary of 7days in Rhodes, Greece.

Please read my reviews and advices in the end.

Day 1

We woke up extremely late and had late breakfast in the café at the airport as our flight was almost at 4pm.

We did our long shopping buying travel essentials and exclusives (duty free!!!!! yay!!!).

By the time when we got to the hotel, it was almost 11pm.

There was reservation system faulty at the hotel we booked (Meliton), so we had to spend our first day in the other hotel which is Doreta.

And straight to bed :p

Day 2

Finally checked into our hotel after breakfast.

(Breakfast at Doreta was very impressive with French chefs.)

Headed to the beach 😀

Btw those sun lounger costs 7 euros each to rent and most of the foods cost over 5 euros easily in the local shops lol

(a bit pricy in my opinion)

Day 3

Decided to spend our day in the swimming pool.

 Lovely tanning time.

And we had couple of cocktails in the evening.

Day 4

We just tried other bars and restaurants this day.

Before we went to the beach, we had beers from a local pub near our hotel.

(the owner gave us free shots, 4 lemons and roses and showed some magic tricks 😀 )

Day 5-6

We had our few lazy days lol

We only repeated to go pool and beach for couple of times.

Day 7

Our last day in Rhodes 😀

Okay, here are some reviews and advices for you readers before you decide to go to Rhodes.

We had our good times but we also had some bad experiences as well.


First, the airport in Rhodes is very small. So we made our mistake to go to the airport early to do some shopping and to have some food. However, there are only 2 cafés before you check in and most of the items are too expensive (4 euros for crisps, 3 euros for drinks, etc). Even after you check in, there’s only one café in there with soggy uncooked burger for 20mins long queue. Also, there’s smallest duty free shop I’ve ever been to. The toilet was the worst toilet of any airport I’ve ever been to as well.

Second, I understand we were in tourist area but everything is basically overpriced and I barely got to experience any nice service from them at all.

Third, please rent a car if you can. Unfortunately, we both couldn’t rent a car throughout the week. Our hotel was a bit further in from the beach and all those ancient places. So when we missed our shuttle bus to the beach (10am to go, 1pm to come back), we had to walk. It is very unpleasant in the hot weather like 30-32C. And of course, it was impossible to go to those ancient places without a car unless you pay 200 euros to go and return.

Fourth, the beach is quite rocky to walk in without shoes. The hotel we stayed sells those special shoes to go in without pain (btw 7 euros per pair 😦 ).

Finally, this is review for the hotel. We booked all inclusive in Meliton hotel which was very disappointing. We had to pay for the air condition for 30 euros to start. As you might noticed, I had only few food photos from other restaurants as food from that hotel was almost unbearable and after the hours we had to pay. Even foods from other restaurants were not really satisfying for us. Also, they only got few sun lounges in the hotel. So to use one of them, you better be quick.

We had our good memories on the beach and the swimming pool for us. But we wouldn’t go back there again. Please share your nice memory with me if you had a wonderful holiday in Rhodes.

Thank you. xx



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